Middleton Lodge Wedding

Middleton Lodge Wedding

Middleton Lodge / Egglestone Abbey / Barningham

Polaroid Weddings

Polaroids at Weddings

Well, things have been hectic on the wedding front. But, here's some new Polaroids!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! 

I'm really looking forward to working with all the new Brides and Grooms this year, if you're still looking for a photographer please drop me a line.

Gott nytt år!

Yorkshire Sculpture Park Wedding

I’ve been delaying this post for a while. Why? Well, essentially there are no pictures.

I’ll explain…

… Many years ago I was an undergraduate studying Fine Art Painting and Photography at Bretton Hall College (22 years ago to be precise!). It’s a wonderful, wonderful place. Yorkshire Sculpture Park was my ‘back garden’ for 3 years. What a privilege.

I’ve recently found out that YSP now host weddings. Wow!! What a fantastic place to tie-the-knot.

I’m excited and intrigued.

Are you getting married at Yorkshire Sculpture Park? If so, please drop me a line, I would be utterly thrilled to document your day at such an amazing venue.

Contact me here



A new logo??

Hmmm. For a while now the Graphic Designer within me has been playing with a new logo. On a recent trip to London I found a fantastic stall in Greenwich Market selling rubber and brass stamps. 

I was there a while.



Eventually I bought one. 

I've made plenty of prints since, scanned them, cleaned them up, looked at them, stared at them, drawn over them, scribbled them out. And so on.

I think that I *might* be a point where I *like* the current result. But, do I like it enough to change my leaf logo? 

Hmmm. Do you have any thoughts?

Here it is:

VSCO Film 5 - Quick Test, Mini-Review...

…a visual review.

I’ve been using VSCO presets since their release a few years ago. Having been brought up with the wonderful and varied world of 35mm and 120mm film photography since the late 80′s, VSCO’s presets sit comfortably in my current digital workflow. The latest pack – Film 5 – is yielding some pleasing results, especially the Agfa Vista 100 and Kodak Ultramax 400 variations. On a recent trip to South Gare I anticipated that the shots would turn out well with Film Pack 5 finalising the imagery – they did.

Basically, I like them. They evoke the film days of my past whilst bringing the visual conclusion that I want. However, I still find myself using Film Pack 2 the most (notably Kodak 160+) but Pack 5 is performing a close second.

Get ‘em here: