Middleton Lodge Wedding

Middleton Lodge Wedding

Sarah & Pete, Middleton Lodge


New Product - Grid Frame

Prints are great. Albums are wonderful. This merges the two together.

Below is a recent example of a wedding from start to finish. The frame contains 215 shots that represent the key moments and people from the beginning through to the end (the Bride and Groom received around 750 digital shots in total). 

The frame itself is Oak with a double inner mount, one being thin grey. 

I love it. It's a showpiece. 

Story: I made of these for my parents, when my mum turned 60 she had a large garden party  - loads of friends and family. I took LOTS of photographs. Their grid frame hangs in their hallway; everyone stops and stares, even people who have stopped to look before! 

Prints live in a box (or an album), an album sees the light of day every-so-often. This hangs proud ALL of the time. 

I love it. It's a showpiece!

The packaging is spot-on too. 

This is a great product, a super idea. Interested? Just drop me a line and I'll send over the prices and size options. 

Yorkshire Dales Wedding

Charles Bathurst Inn & Swaledale Yurts

Richard and Angela - here's a selection. What a brilliant day!


Middleton Lodge Wedding

Middleton Lodge Wedding

Middleton Lodge / Egglestone Abbey / Barningham