I love photographing weddings. For a long time now I've realised that I'm good at telling visual stories, essentially I'm a people watcher. Weddings are crammed full of narratives, jokes, emotion, beauty, drama and laughter. Each wedding is totally different, despite all the planning and organising, the event itself is quite unpredictable. My job is to capture this story from start to finish, the ceremony, the characters, the details, the tears, the quirkiness, the humour and the love. I don't run about with lots of big flash stands, reflectors or complicated photo props. I don't push people about or shout. I'm six foot five but I manage to blend in. I never look upon weddings as all being the same - I treat them as the unique, individual occasions that they are. Each wedding demands specific requirements and deserves to be documented as the one-off event it really is. There is always a story to be told, I will watch it unfold and endeavour to document every moment. It is all about the feelings...which are far more precious in a decade or two.

Style? I'm uncomplicated. I have a documentary journalistic approach - observant, candid, in with the action, off the cuff, un-posed - but above all truthful. I'm not into special effects or heavy editing. My aim is to create beautiful, uncluttered images. Images that speak for themselves, photographs that narrate, pictures that record and reveal.

It's fair to say that I have been obsessed with photography and image making since an early age. At around 13 or 14 I had two Saturday jobs on the go in order to keep myself supplied with film, cameras, paint, pencils, lenses etc. My photography training started with darkrooms and odorous chemicals. I'm now 43 - the fixation is as strong as ever.

I grew up in a small village in Lancashire, studied Fine Art and Photography at University in the early/mid-nineties, gained a First Class Hons Degree and I've never looked back since. I now live in the North East of England with my beautiful wife and two utterly fantastic kids.

When not taking photographs, drawing, painting or editing images I like to go running (10k's, that kind of thing), visiting the coast, eating fish and chips whilst staring out to sea and playing with gadgets (not at the same time).

Useless trivia: I have a 'thing' for pens and pencils. I have size 13 feet. I've never read any Shakespeare. I can devour several apples in a day. Music - vinyl, CD, MP3 - Abba to Zappa, Folk to Punk, Electro to Classical - I love it all. I have a resting heart rate of 41 bpm. I've been called a 'font freak', I think I may have been a typographer in a former life. Anything below 70% content is not chocolate. I can stare at maps for hours, they fascinate me. I will NEVER buy a SatNav. Chicken Jalfrezi is the best dish in the world. I collect cameras, I've got dozens of them, sometimes I make my own, like I say, I'm obsessed. 

A wall in my 'office', you can never have too many cameras. 

A wall in my 'office', you can never have too many cameras.